As far as I can gather from the various sources online the movie Van Diemen’s Land has been featured on numerous events at time of release and has won several awards from various domestic (Australian) and international film festivals. The list goes like this:

2009 Edinburgh Film Festival – movie entered the official competition of the international film festival in Edinburgh.

2009 Sitges Film Festival – director Jonathan auf der Heide won the new visions award in the Catalonian international film festival in Sitges.

2009 Melbourne Film Festival – movie won the “Homegrown” movie category for the best domestic movie in the Melbourne International Film Festival.

2009 Sydney Film Festival – movie was featured in the official selection of the 2009 Sydney Film Festival.

2009 Adelaide Film Festival – movie was featured as the official selection in the Adelaide Film Festival

2009 Torino Film Festival – writers Jonathan auf der Heide and Oscar Redding won the best script award at the international film festival in Torino.

In total 5 showings
on film festivals at the time of release and 2 wins for the movie. Not bad if you ask me, especially when you take into account the extremely low budget that the movie had. Let me know if I made any mistakes. Corrections are more than welcome.