Van Diemen’s Land was shot on a very small budget. When I say very small, I mean minuscule, just under 300,000$. What this meant for the movie is that there aren’t any famous movie stars in it. Leo for example has a standard movie fee of 25 million dollars. You can see is just a bit shy of the Van Diemen’s Land movie budget.

The main character of the movie, convict Alexander Pearce was played by Oscar Redding. Now Oscar Redding is a bit more popular outside of Australia so you might have heard about it. Interesting fact, Oscar Redding co-wrote the movie together with Jonathan auf der Heide who is also the director. Rest of the cast include:

Arthur Angel – he played Robert Greenhill. The last man that Pearce ate before reaching outskirts of populated areas of Tasmania.

Paul Ashcroft – Matthew Travers was played by Paul Ashcroft. Travers was a close friend of Greenhill. Snake bite made him into lunch for Greenhill and Pearce.

Torquil Neilson – Neilson played John Mather. He ended up as a meal for Pearce, Greenhill and Travers.

Thomas Wright – Wright played Thomas Bodenham in the movie. According to the original story, Bodenham was the first man of the original 8 that was eaten after drawing the short straw.

Mark Leonard Winter – he played Alexander Dalton who along with three other convicts decided to return back to Sarah Island after witnessing Bodenham being eaten by the rest of the party. Sadly Dalton died of exhaustion on the return trip to Sarah Island.

Greg Stone – Stone played William Kennerly who together with Dalton and Brown decided to go back to Sarah Island. Kennerly made it back.

John Francis Howard – he played Edward Brown ‘Little’ Brown and like I said, after the first feasting on Bodenham he went back to Sarah Island with Dalton and Kennerly. Brown together with Kennerly made it back.