As an instant “fan for life” of Van Diemen’s Land after watching the movie for the first time I immediately went online in order to find and read as much as possible about the movie. I do this for the majority of the movies that I watch to be honest. Once I discovered that there are other movies based on the story I had to watch them all of course. In a recent post I talked about “Dying Breed”. It’s a movie that was more inspired by the Pearce story, than it was actually based on it. Today I will talk about “The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce”, another movie inspired by Pearces story.

Now this movie can safely be labeled as “based on a the life of Alexander Pearce”. Movie talks about the last few days of Alexander Pearce and the conversation that Pearce had with father Phillip Conolly. The conversation was of course the confession of the horrors that Pearce went through himself and that he put other people through.

Van Diemen’s Land is my favorite movie when it comes to movies about Alexander Pearce, but I have to say that “The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce” comes in a close second.